Level 1 Lap Dance

Level 1 Lap Dance

This series highlights level one lap dance. With moves taken from the naughtiest corners of the hottest gentlemen's clubs, this series is great for lap dance beginners. This class covers stripper style ways of getting your subject in place, forward facing moves, rear facing moves and the nasty, naughty, deliciously dirty moves in between. From using your body to rub and tease your partner's special spots, to sliding down their lap with constant eye contact, to the minute details these moves will leave them wanting more. This class is for the regular gal who wants a sassy routine she can perform at home to impress a lover or get stronger and stretchier while having fun in their partner's lap!

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Level 1 Lap Dance
  • The Perfect Chair

    The key to the best lap dance is the perfect chair and a sexy partner! We can't help with the partner, but we can help with the chair! :)

  • How to Practice

    This video goes over how to set aside practice time for yourself!

  • The Robert

    A beginner move that shows how to move your hips to seduce your partner. A move to do in between all other moves.

  • Side Lotion

    The perfect partner to Robert!

  • Robert & Side Lotion (Sexy Basics)

    Put it together! This will show you how to combo these two basic moves!

  • The Stripper Walk

    This video shows you how to enter the room and command your subject. This is best done in heels. The Stripper Walk takes time to master so be sure to practice often!

  • The Pop Out

    This will help put a sexy sassy end to your walk!

  • Walk, Pop out, Robert & Lotion (Sexy Basics)

  • Pole Position

    This move sets up your partner perfectly! The subject must be in the best position in order for the dancer to have access to his groin. We need access to his “pole”. The dancer must also be in the perfect position to make her body look its best. Without this move, nothing that follows will work.

  • Duck Posture

    The is the posture you will want to use during Reverse Robert and during your lap dance.

  • Reverse Robert

    This moves hypnotizes your subject with a gentle sway of your hips. Super sexy and perfect for lap dancing!

  • One handed lotion

    The move tease your subject and entices him as you touch yourself during your lap dance. Steamy! You will need to watch Reverse Robert first.

  • Slip N' Slide: Up N' Down

    A naughty forward facing lap dance move that uses your shin and sends shivers through his body. You will need to watch Pole Position first.

  • Hip Turn

    Turn, Turn, Turn. TURN BABY! This moves takes you from forward to backward all while accentuating your sexy hips.

  • Grinding

    This is a variation of Grinding that moves your body up and down your partner's torso. Very sexy!

  • Grinding: Up N' Down

    This is a variation of Grinding that moves your body up and down your partners. Very sexy!

  • The Subway itch

    A variation on Grinding that brings him back to earth if he is getting a little too excited.

  • Santa Sit

    OUCHIE!! Lap dancing is hard on the legs! This move will help you rest without looking like you are taking a time out! You will need to watch Grinding Basics first.

  • The Recliner

    This moves lets your partner get up close and personal with a GREAT view.

  • Reverse Body Slide

    Slink and slide all the way down while maintaining eye contact in this oozy lap dance move. Gorgeous! You will need to watch Recliner first.

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